Back in May 2013, YouTube said it would start packaging the top 5 percent of its videos to advertisers as premium space, and offer audience guarantees and new measurement tools to boost confidence in the site as an advertising site.
YouTube, the world’s most popular video hosting site, is building the physical infrastructure for advertisers to partner with the creators of that premium content.

Any YouTube channel with at least 5,000 subscribers and whose account is in good standing can make use of YouTube’s┬ástate-of-the-art post-production facilities.

“YouTube, will not play a direct role in facilitating any particular partnership. Nevertheless, the company takes 45 percent of all advertising revenue generated by a creator. The Information reported in July that it made $3.5 billion in revenue in 2013.”

Dozens of individual content creators have built great audiences on their YouTube channel that eclipse traditional television shows and personalities. checkout the London studio designed to bring the platform up to Tv quality level.

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