Live Event Streaming

Record and share your event with the world

Live streaming your event, conference, meeting or presentation has never been more relevant.

Our professional live streaming service can be as simple as just single camera, or can be scaled up include up to 4 cameras, powerpoint slide integration audio mixing, Q&A, audience feedback, zoom feeds, MS Teams, live interactive polling and more.

Why go Live with your event?

Through live streaming or webcasting, you have the potential to reach anyone remotely, all a participant needs is access to the internet. Events and keynote presentations take much time, effort & expenditure, so it is worth capturing your event or business conference for training employees or sub-contractors, everyone can receive the information at the same time while saving costs. We offer single camera shoots to multi cam live switching and recording for quick distribution.


  • Engages your company more deeply in social media community.
  • Wider audiences, widen your access to information and events.
  • Reduces costs associated with travelling, lodging, meals, etc.
  • Opens the doors to online engagement & conversations.
  • Live events get higher response rates.
  • Live events let you try out new ideas.
  • Multiple cameras provide professional & dynamic story telling.

Events to use live video

  • Keynote presentations
  • Training Workshops
  • Live Music events
  • Sporting events
  • Product launches
  • Fashion Shows
  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions & Lectures
  • Product launches & Award shows

  • Single Static Camera
  • Live stream to your Social media channel
  • Operator
  • Audio Capture

  • 3 HD Cameras
  • Vision Mixer
  • Operators
  • Recorded Video
  • P.A. Equipment
  • Microphones
  • Post-event editing

  • Multi Camera
  • Vision Mixer
  • Lighting
  • Recorded Video
  • Zoom integration
  • Live Polling
  • Post-event editing
  • Onscreen Titles
  • Count Down timers

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