Pre production

Post production


Key message >


Getting the vision >


Develop the words >


Shoot the scenes >


The final cut >


The end item.

Production Planning

Good planning is essential to make a success of your video production so working out the key message is where we start, while insuring good communication with audience. Then we discuss the budget, timing and return on your investment. Investigate if you need  actors,  scenic location, studio, voice over or equipment hire etc.

Storyboard creation

Generating the visual ideas and applying that creative craft to ensure clear communication.

Script development

Developing those ideas into a engaging audio content.

Production & Filming

This is the stage where the film crew come together for the shoot. We apply high end production values, broadcast quality High-Def cameras with professional lighting, audio and film equipment to get great clips.

Post Production & Edit

Putting it all together in the editing suite. Adding animation and colourising if required


The final deliverable to your youtube channel, a website or broadcast a live stream to the internet. If you prefer we support DVD &  Blu-ray.