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Classic interview style


Interview filming

Interview videos and  interview filming is often referred to as a Talking Heads video. These are one probably one of the most frequently filmed. Interview filming is a relatively straight forward production, but there is still plenty to think about if you want to produce a professional looking and effective video.

There are a few types of interview filming, the two main types are the classic Two Shot & Off Camera.

The classic two shot style is where both interviewer and the person being interviewed are visible. These can be filmed using 1-3 Cameras depending on your requirements and budget.

The Off Camera Interview is where the interviewee is only visible and the interviewer will be conducting the interview out of shot to one side of the camera.

Production overview

  • Pre Production planning
  • Location shoot time
  • The location
  • Post-Production edit time
  • Extra Crew
  • Actors or presenters
  • Bespoke titling

Example production.

Bespoke preproduction planning
High Definition Multi Camera shoot
All audiovisual recordings, editing and post-production
Bespoke animated graphics to complement your branding or website

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